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Gmina Załuski is located at the heart of Mazowieckie region. The gmina is equally close to a picturesque castle in Ciechanów (1492), to the medieval capital of Mazovian princes – Płock, and to Warsaw.
Driving a car or riding a bicycle, the traveller passes over slight elevations, delightful forests and groves. Here and there a little stream or river flows through charming surroundings.

These lands were amazingly formed by a powerful glacier. It left abundant carvings and erratic boulders, which travelled down from Scandinavia along with the glacier.

The true beauty of the countryside is in the various clusters of trees, fields and meadows, as well as the contour of the land. The tourist can find fascinating landscapes, which are striking in the immensity of the space.

Abundant small forests, groves and natural thickets are natural living places for roe deers, hares, foxes and many other animals. The sky is filled with the swishing of various birds, including typical birds of prey like buzzards or sparrow hawks. Flurried partridges and pheasants run away from just under your feet on plentiful banks.

The fascinating variation in the seasons is a gift we receive from nature here. Local winters present beautifully sculptured surfaces of long-lasting, pure snow, perfect for skiing. Spring gives a fresh verdure with vivid patches of wild flowers, the summer favours us with waving corn fields and hot, restless air. Finally, the autumn dyes leaves with yellow and red, and the air is saturated with the fragrance of nature, in preparation for the winter repose.

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Urząd Gminy Załuski
Załuski 67
09-142 Załuski

NIP: 567-14-67-294

The office is opened

from monday to friday

between 7.45 and 15.45

Phone numbers:

+48 23 66 19 013
+48 23 66 19 120
+48 23 66 19 107

+48 23 66 19 146
+48 23 66 19 096
+48 23 66 19 289


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